mardi 13 septembre 2016


Hello #ackermann #eccentric #family fellows !
many of you speak the Shakspeare language and were a bit confuse with the new #capucine's fashion brand and didn't understand how it's work and how to buy the incredible clothes design By Capucine Ackermann ! So let me introduce you to the world of the new #capucine's fashion brand :
Step 1) Log on website :
Tab: Fashion/Mode
Step 2) clic on the pink banner and you'll arrive on the E-website of the fashion brand By Capucine Ackermann
Step 3) Watch the clothes and order them !
Every sunday on #Capucine' youtube channel (link here :
Capucine will show you the new weekly outfit that you can buy next step1,2,3 !
If you prefer instagram, she will put the new pics of the outfit
Instagram : bycapucineackermann
And I, Marie, your zealous #Ackermann' #family community manager will put the weekly outfit in all #Ackermann #Family social network !!!
Each trimester, if you like all #capucine #ackermann social network, like facebook, twitter, instagram etc etc ... You can win a clothe of the By Capucine Ackermann fashion brand !
And two times per year, By Capucine Ackermann will organize a fashion show where only By Capucine Ackermann guests will parade !
In couple days you can buy the outfit and clothes of By Capucine Ackermann on Amazon !
Thanks for reading me and enjoy the new fashion brand By Capucine Ackermann ! --> Fashion/Mode
Si la #famille #ackermann n'#existait pas, il aurait #fallu l’#inventer


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